Klotho Gene

More old news.

A recent discovery in the news is the Klotho gene which seems to boost brain function and adds to longevity. About one in five people have the good variant.

If you tested at 23andme, you can find out if you have it by checking the SNP at rs9536314, the protective variant is the heterozygous one, GT, while the normal variant is TT. The homozygous version, GG, appears to be deleterious.

So log into your 23andme account and then click this URL to see what variant you have. Or click this and then log in. https://www.23andme.com/you/explorer/snp/?snp_name=rs9536314

This link describes the basics.

Naturally, I had to check with some of my friends to see who “got lucky”!

GT => Jim, Lori
TT => Barbara, Courtney, Debra, Jamie, Rachel, Sandra, Sandy,

I got a kick out of what Ray Kurzweil had to say: http://www.kurzweilai.net/anti-aging-gene-also-enhances-cognition

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