Sysop’s Corner

zoozimp2_251_243This blog will probably always be in a state of beta since I am an old time freeware/shareware type.  I believe in trying something and then getting customer feedback.  A software development method called Extreme Programming became popular back in 1996.  Steve Jobs told his teams “real artists ship“.  Google, Inc. has a motto of Ship and iterate .  If it works, it was a good idea; if not, try again.

My early programming hero was Vern Buerg (d. 30 Dec 2009) who wrote LIST for DOS which is where I learned it was ok to tweak as you go, but listen to customer feedback.

Sometimes I get brain storms and can’t wait to try something for fear that I will forget the idea!   Then I either implement it or make notes in my TODO list.

“I have lots of ideas and throw away the bad ones”.  Linus Pauling



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