Jim’s Y-DNA Tree at YFULL

Y-FULL TREE to JIM ROBESON Showing YBP (years before present)


A0-T 235,900 161,300
BT 130,700 88,000
CT 88,000 68,500
F 65,900 48,800
IJK 48,500 47,200
I 42,900 27,500
I1 27,500 4,600
I-DF29 4,600 4,600
I-Y2592 4,600 4,200
I-CTS6364 4,200 4,100
I-Y3866 or S4795 4,100 3,900
I-S4767 3,900 3,900
I-S4781 3,900 3,900
I-S4770 3,900 3,600
I-Y13011 3,600 2,800
I-Y29634 2,800 950 YF06047 DNK
I-A13289 950 900 YF08019 SCT
…… Jim Robeson YF13855 SCT

The above is dated 27 Jan 2021. To see the current data go to www.yfull.com/tree/I-Y13011 and find kit # YF13855.

I took the Big-Y test at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and then uploaded the BAM file to YFull where they produce that great tree. They estimate the age in Years Before Present (YBP) using current known mutation rates of the genetic markers found in peoples DNA. There are two of us at the last branch shown above, at A13289 or A13294 in YFull. There are 3 of us at this branch in FTDNA, a Mr. Grierson and Mr. Marshall and Mr. Robeson (myself). We do have more “private variants” that have not yet formed a new branch in the tree.

You can see that surnames have not followed exactly through time down this Y-DNA branch. This doesn’t bother me as it can easily be explained back when surnames were first being created in Scotland. One man, say Mr. Gunn, had 8 male children. Robert could have started the Robertson clan, and there is a Grierson clan too. And someone impregnated someone in the Marshal family! We know from these date estimates that our branch is 900 years old. There is a lot of room for various branches to have developed.

My FTNDA kit is N20789, my YFull kit is YF13855. If you think you are related, be sure to upload your Big-Y test data to YfUll.