Write me a movie 3

My wife reads a lot. She is currently on a “time travel” kick. I like to have her tell me about these stories since I too get a kick out of the potential paradoxes involved. I used to read lots of sci-fi but in those days, there was lots of politics involved too.

I have decided that the idea of meeting oneself in the past or future is not far-fetched after all. The accepted opinions say that you can’t have the same thing in the same place at the same time. But hey, that is a religious view, a philosophical opinion. Physically, our cells are always dying and being replaced by new ones. Therefore, at the cellular level, this current me only exists at one time. If a new me shows up, popping in from the future, we could converse quite easily, as person to person. If you think you have a soul that is “the real me” that exists as-is throughout time and beyond time, and that is the cause of the paradox — well suffice it to say that I don’t agree with you. The soul isn’t governed by the laws of physics.

Current physics says that travel to the future is mathematically possible. And it says that travel to the past is possible only for certain solutions to the Einstein/quantum equations. It isn’t possible for our currently accepted solutions.

I can’t really think of a story to tell about time travel. But in thinking about writing this blurb, I Googled “time travel meet yourself” and ran into some interesting sites and some weird sites. One site that triggered these next thoughts can be seen here.

That site appears to have been written during two months in 2008 and then totally dropped.  This is one of my pet peeves, that blogs on the internet seem to last for a long time. This is irritating when one is trying to name a new blog and discovers that the name you wanted is used but in a stagnant site!

Anyway, then it hit me… what if the time traveler wrote a blog instead of physically travelling here? What if, through computer manipulation, a time traveler or even an alien could leave messages on our systems that would not be seen until we accidentally found them. If this were indeed possible, then shouldn’t we set about trying to find these writings? What time stamp would be recorded? Would we even recognize the writing was not of this time? WordPress has the ability to schedule a posting in the future. If I write a posting now that won’t be actually published until next year, will that count as visiting the future? When the posting is read in the future, will they think it is from the past?

Go ahead, you write the story that I can’t seem to tell. But first read the blog I mentioned above. There are some rules already laid out for you.


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