The study of genetics is new.  Accordingly, saying that such and so disease or trait is “genetic” is still subject to much study and testing.  Sometimes being able to say whether you have wet or dry earwax (identified by SNP rs17822931) will be almost as much fun as sharing your astrological sign.   With much tongue-in-check, we checked some family members to see if they have risk factors for “misophonia”.  People who have misophonia are most commonly angered by specific sounds, such as slurping, throat-clearing, nail-clipping, chewing, drinking, etc..

According to a 23AndMe study the SNP rs2937573 is near the gene TENM2 and seems to be associated with misophonia among people of European ancestry. The SNP plays a role in brain development. The trait “sensitivity to the sound of other people eating” was found to correlate with allele values thusly: GG = higher odds, AG = average odds, and AA = lower odds.

In my family, the values seem to be opposite what they should be. Ah well, I am just the reporter…

GG => Jim, Debra, Jamie, Rachel
AA => Sandy, Courtney

Read more at this article.

BTW, I am not making funny of this science.  I really enjoy learning at the leading edge.  But I am a Sagittarius and enjoy having fun while being serious. 🙂

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