What’s in a Name

Mechanically, starting a blog using wordpress.com is easy. There are two things that you need to get out of the way first, though, that are most difficult.  One is choosing a theme and the other is deciding on a name!

The difficulty with picking a name is that we are getting in to this late in the game and most of the easy names have already been taken!  What is really frustrating is some of those names that are taken are for sites that have gone fallow.

It seems like internet address names that are not subscription based are ignored.  They get treated like social security numbers: assign them once and they last forever. One would think there would be an easy way to reuse these names, but when a person is already nervous about starting a blog, it is easier to just move on to another name than to try to work through the bureaucracy.

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Gmail Filters and WP Blogs

When you start a blog, you should also get yourself a separate email account that will be used only for the blogging system interface. (My experience is only with WordPress blogs.) Depending on how you adjust your Settings, you can receive quite a few emails from the WP system. It will be best, imho, that you keep these emails separated from your normal mail so you can respond as needed.

You can use any email system your prefer. You can get free emails from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and so forth. I went with Google and Gmail because I am used to it, and they have great filters.

Here are 3 Gmail filters that I really like because they help sort my blog’s control emails into 4 separate folders. #1 is for keeping a list of folks who have decided to Follow my blog. #2 is for people who Liked something on my blog. #3 is for mail that I send to myself for memory sake. #4 is everything else (such as Comments) that will stay in the Inbox.

gmail filters3

This post is not meant to be a tutorial in Gmail. You need to create the labels before activating the filters, for example.  And in #3 above, mymail is the name of your Gmail account.

On my iPad I use the IOS mail system linked to my different mail accounts and can see if I have blog mail that requires immediate action in the overview scan. I can browse the special folders later at my leisure.

It works for me…


This is an experiment in linking from WordPress to Dropbox. I am not recommending this as a habit, this is a test for a folder to use for quicky content changes and for extremely large files like raw DNA files. I’m not sure if this post will last or not.

Click on this link to see photos from Funny Photos.   If you want to save copies of pictures, do not use the Download in the upper right corner of the main screen because that doesn’t work right.

When the array of photos appear, clicking on any one of them will make it larger.  Use the arrow keys to move from picture to picture.

You can save a full sized copy of any photo by clicking on the 3 dots found in the lower right corner of any picture.