What’s in a Name

Mechanically, starting a blog using wordpress.com is easy. There are two things that you need to get out of the way first, though, that are most difficult.  One is choosing a theme and the other is deciding on a name!

The difficulty with picking a name is that we are getting in to this late in the game and most of the easy names have already been taken!  What is really frustrating is some of those names that are taken are for sites that have gone fallow.

It seems like internet address names that are not subscription based are ignored.  They get treated like social security numbers: assign them once and they last forever. One would think there would be an easy way to reuse these names, but when a person is already nervous about starting a blog, it is easier to just move on to another name than to try to work through the bureaucracy.

Free sites at wordpress.com are given a name like anyname.wordpress.com.  I used to run a BBS called The Cricket.  So I tried cricket.wordpress.com => exists, last posting in 2009.  When I was 4 years old, they called me Jiminy Cricket. I tried jiminycricket.wordpress.com => exists, last posting 2007.  I tried my last name, robeson.wordpress.com => exists, last posting 2008.  I tried jims.wordpress.com => exists, last posting 2007.   For my granddaughters, I tried airheads.wordpress.com => exists, last posting 2009.  Are you getting the point….

It appeared that I would have to get creative with the name.  I tried booksandbananas.wordpress.com => exists, active;  jimsplayground.wordpress.com => exists, private.  I was getting frustrated.  All my blogging friends had really cool names, but I’m not that creative!

One morning I was stomping around the house, yelling at my wife to think up a name.  She is the creative sort 🙂  Very logically she said “You tried to name it after your old BBS and that didn’t work.  Try JimsBBS.”  The name was available and I was out of patience.  So here we are!

The good news is…. based on some of the dead sites I have found, this place will be here for at least another 7 years, even if I found a better name. Scary, huh?!

So, what does BBS mean?  Big Banana Split?  Maybe.  In the pre-internet days, it meant Bulletin Board System.  I ran a BBS from 1988 to 1996, specializing in shareware. It had 3 free public lines and over a thousand regular callers.    Now you know the rest of the story…

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