This is an experiment in linking from WordPress to Dropbox. I am not recommending this as a habit, this is a test for a folder to use for quicky content changes and for extremely large files like raw DNA files. I’m not sure if this post will last or not.

Click on this link to see photos from Funny Photos.   If you want to save copies of pictures, do not use the Download in the upper right corner of the main screen because that doesn’t work right.

When the array of photos appear, clicking on any one of them will make it larger.  Use the arrow keys to move from picture to picture.

You can save a full sized copy of any photo by clicking on the 3 dots found in the lower right corner of any picture.



One thought on “Experimenting

  1. It worked I used the 3 dots to download the Adventure Park for genealogist, and then saved image to camera roll! And then cropped and added a border!!


    Lori ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Sent from my iPad



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