2015 Dietary Guidlines

The internet news is buzzing today because the latest Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s has just been released and seems to be upsetting some people and making others happy.  Soda makers are unhappy, but egg producers are happy.  I wish I could afford a dietitian to cook my meals. I would tell them to go read the report!

Some people in my family like to complain that the government’s guidelines are always changing.  But they never  have read the actual reports.  Instead they just are going by what the news media says.

This time I went out and found a link to the actual Health.gov website where the current report is available for all to see and read.  You can read it online or download PDF’s of the report.  It is broken up into separate PDFs per chapter, so you don’t have to download the whole thing.

Click here or type the address into your browser.


You still have to exercise and eat your veggies!!
And me, I like to jog over to Starbucks. Coffee is “approved” now!

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