Start Research On Climate Engineering

From Nature Magazine – 5 Feb 2015

Climate engineering — cooling Earth intentionally by modifying its radiation balance — worries many people. We know little about the effectiveness of these technologies or their side effects. The unintended consequences could be profound.

As the consequences of climate change become starker, public calls for interventions may grow. Governments or companies may try climate engineering to reduce the severe impacts predicted by 2050.

The article recommends that government agencies and scientists should begin climate-engineering research now.  You can read the full article through the above link. The line that woke me up is “public calls for interventions may grow.”  My grandkids will be part of the “public” in 2050.

I finally see how this climate change issue may play out.  The fossil fuels lobbies will continue to use mass mind control to obfuscate the issues (disinformation) until the weather itself convinces the populace that something must be done.  It will be too late to stop major catastrophes, and we will want to “engineer” our way out of the mess.  Finally, the public calls for interventions will grow.  

We need to help our Congress understand that we should act now so we don’t have to wait for the above scenario to happen.

Fossil fuels lobby” is the umbrella term used to name the paid representatives of large fossil fuel (oil, gas, coal) and electric utilities corporations who attempt to influence governmental policy. So-called Big Oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Total S.A., Koch Industries, Chevron Corporation, and ConocoPhillips are amongst the largest corporations associated with the energy lobby. General Electric, Southern Co., First Energy, and the Edison Electric Institute are among the influential electric utilities corporations. Both electric companies and big oil and gas companies are consistently among the ten highest-spending industrial lobbyists.

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