Gas powered cars are no longer practical

The other day, Elon Musk posted a Twitter message that triggered thoughts about real life cars. See picture below.

Nowadays many people keep cars until they are 10 years or more older. And nowadays most cars sold are gas powered, the percentage for hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered are small.

The climate crisis scientists are now predicting that we only have 10-11 years to turn things around or we are doomed. People aren’t yet worried enough to change their habits.

But just think – if they are right, then imagine how little the gas powered car bought today will be worth in 10 years! It will be not only worthless, people will think negatively about anyone driving one. They will stone ya’ll, because eventually people will get mad when their quality of life declines.

Financially speaking, if you are going to buy a new car now, hybrid or electric is the only smart purchase. The price of gas and oil is just going to increase. And in 10 years, there might not be any available.

Thanks for the practical thinking, Elon.

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