Fastest Route With Multiple Stops

Read this interesting article from Huffington Post – 27 Mar 2015

If you thought planning a road trip in the U.S. was hard, try planning one for Europe.

Randy Olson, the brilliant Ph.D. candidate who recently planned the best way to road trip across America, just calculated the most epic European road trip ever. Add it to the bucket list pronto.

My son sent me the above link, not only because it shows off a really neat driving route through Europe, but because it gives links showing where the reader can also plan your own driving vacation in both the USA and Europe.

This post is here because I tried the web site mentioned in the article called Route XL and found it to be very good. I gave it a couple of routes I have previously studied and planned and it did indeed find the shortest route. What makes it even nicer is that you can link together multiple stops and it will connect them in the most efficient manner!

At least read the Huffington Post article, the European route is fun to see. Route XL can be discovered by clicking here too.

As a side note, I have added RouteXL to the set of links that I maintain here on the Potpourri page in the section called Special/Unusual.  Those links are there, remember, so I don’t forget them!

I will leave it to your own curiosity to go to Randy Olson’s (the scientist who thought this up) web page and see some of the other amazing stuff he has done.  He has a really interesting route through the United States that looks really fun. If you are curious, go here: Randy Olson.

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