Write me a movie 2

Sometimes I dream up ideas for stories, books or movies.  Generally they get told to the unlucky grand-kids who happened to be riding in the back seat on a long drive.  No one ever writes them down, of course, and they get forgotten.  I’ve never had the patience to actually write a full blown story.  In this case, I wrote this on my iPad just a few months ago.  Maybe someone else can “make me a movie”.

Marsha was skeptical when she first had the idea about the power of “imagination people”.  In her Comparative Literature class in University, they had talked about how the ideas in science fiction books of the past seemed to be coming true in the present.  But that was just discussion for grades sake, trying to see how many author’s names students could remember.

When she was in that Physics class where they talked about the observer effect, where the observer could influence the outcome, she never connected the dots.

When she was in Biology class, the placebo affect was attributed to a person’s expectations.  Those with the most imagination needed the least Novocain, so they said.

She had sat in on a séance once, but that was just when she was flirting with Joe and wanted to show him that she was a fun girl.  There was one guy that seemed to really make the Ouija move!

And then she met Sara.  Sara could make things happen just by wanting them to happen.  Or so it seemed.  Marsha realized, of course, it was just coincidence, many things happened while Sara was around. She remembered reading Jordan Ellenberg’s book ‘How Not To Be Wrong’ where he said “It is probable that improbable things will happen; therefore what is improbable is probable.”; again, she tossed it off with a flick of her pony tail.

The idea kept rolling around; the theory slowly formulated itself — some special people had a power to imagine a new reality and that new reality could become real, the alternative universe could occur.

Studying Roger Penrose’s philosophy of a deterministic universe only confused her.  He and others like him were tremendously imaginative, but they had forgotten that imagination in the brain is unique to humans.  They assumed imagination’s purpose is only to ask questions.  They had forgotten about the power of imagination in the multiverse.  Given the right energy level, the dimensional planes could shift, and we would slip into the imagined reality that had previously only been a potential. Her theory postulated that imagination could affect quantum bits.

In the early days of human’s evolution, the people with real imaginative powers were few and far between.  As our numbers increased, we passed 7 billion in 2011, the number of people with these powers increased proportionally and it was inevitable that they would begin to mingle, joining together to form a stronger and stronger energy shift. What would happen, Marsha wondered, if these people came together and all listened to a new story for the first time together?

Imagine, if the imagineers were told a story of a war-less world, would war disappear?  Imagine, if the imagineers were told a story wherein John Lennon was not shot, would he still be living? Imagine, if Marsha wrote a story where the imagineers commingled…

Marsha decided to try to prove her theorem by telling a story about her PhD thesis being accepted, at the open mic in the poetry reading room in the Poets House where many imaginative people hang out.

The next day her phone rang. It was the representative of the Committee of Postgraduate Studies.  Her thesis had been officially approved.

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