Minden’s Salmon

He buys a 2 1/2#  wild salmon roast at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market (it’s mercury-free, which is hard to find these days.)  The roast is less expensive so he filets it himself, just takes some practice.

Filet: with a long thin knife, cut around the midsection of bones & remove. Then slide the knife between the skin & flesh to remove skin. Lay the filets out flat and pull the small bones out with needle nosed pliers (nice cooking stores sell special fish bone removing pliers which are really nice and make the job easier.)

Lay the filets out on a broiler pan covered with foil. Fold the thin flaps of skin under the main body of the filet to give it a consistent thickness. Slather the top with melted butter. Broil on one side only — occasionally turn the heat down to 350 degree bake (he toggles between broil & bake a few times so the top doesn’t burn) for approximately 12-18 minutes. Squeeze lemon over the top.

It’s VERY good.

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