Extreme Maga Republicans

The following is a list of the 20 Congressional Representatives that held up the vote for Kevin McCarthy as speaker for 15 rounds of voting in early January 2023.  These people are the ones who are most likely to block any reasonable issues before congress.  They are Maga Republican radicals , far right extremists, who only can be controlled by the voters within their districts.  If you care for democracy, if you do not want the populists to take over our country, vote these guys out of office. There are other Maga Republicans, but this is the group who even blocked one of their own.  

AZ       Andy Biggs

AZ       Eli Crane

AZ       Paul Gosar

NC       Dan Bishop

CO       Lauren Boebert

FL        Anna Paulina Luna

FL        Byron Donalds

FL        Matt Gaetz

GA      Andrew Clyde

IL         Mary Miller

MD     Andy Harris

MT      Matt Rosendale

OK       Josh Brecheen

PA       Scott Perry

SC       Ralph Norman

TN       Andy Ogles

TX       Michael Cloud

TX       Chip Roy

TX       Keith Self

VA       Bob Good

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