As we have learned this week, the USA Constitution is not perfect.

Can the Supreme Court be expanded?

Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to change the size of the Supreme Court. Congress has used that authority seven times before. To restore balance and integrity to a broken institution, Congress must expand the Supreme Court by four or more seats.

Given the ages of the current 9 judges, if we don’t add more seats asap, the 6-3 conservative split will be with us for possibly 30 more years. Since Congress is the only one that can change things, it is extremely important that we vote appropriately EVERY election.

The Republicans know this, why don’t the Democrats? The religious fundamentalism groups know this, why don’t we? The NRA knows this, why don’t you?

Getting the right people into key positions is more important than any issue you are fighting. Newt Gingrich knew this back in 1994. He started the “planning for future” process and it is working.

The only potential good side to this Supreme Court is that Trump has served his purpose and isn’t needed any more by the Fundamentalist groups. They ignored his “grab ’em by the pu**y” line when he served a purpose. Now they can say that he is a traitor and allow him to be put to pasture.

If you think this week was bad, imagine Congress controlled by the GOP and Ron DeSantis as president and this Supreme Court in place. Please vehemently support Democratic candidates.

(can I carry a gun on a plane now? it doesn’t say anything about airplanes in the Constitution.) (an open carry gun can be used as a threat, and then the woman can be forced to have the child — all allowed by the Supreme Court this week.) (Is this what Jesus intended?)

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