fossil fuel companies, industrial military complex, right wing extremism, religious fanaticism, all out to sell their own brand of water.

Random thoughts stimulated by a can of water:

“Fascism, in order to be successful as a political movement, must have a mass basis. It must secure not only the frightened submission but the active cooperation of the great majority of the people.” – Theodor Adorno

The Trumpian Personality is attempting to control the conversations in our news media, our social media. The “P” words – politics and power and profit, they pray you will look the other way.

Did you ever wonder why Facebook built Messenger? Did you ever wonder why Musk has made us think it would be good to take Twitter private? Why did they take FM radio receivers out of our smartphones? Virtual reality, the meta verse, these are ways to get you to look the other way while “they” control the real world. The future living room will have a T-V and multiple VR headsets.

They tell you it is not secure enough to vote via the internet. And yet electronic banking is fine. There is Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Quicken. We can even pay our taxes electronically. Voting has power in a democracy. They don’t dare make it easier for us to vote. Don’t let the Republicans gerrymander your voting districts. Don’t let them make it harder to vote.

Beware, be aware, of what brand of water you buy.

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