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How to prevent video autoplay in Chromium Edge

The new Edge is fast and slick.  But videos are starting up when I open a new page without my permission!  I hate that, especially when I want my browsing to remain quiet!  I had blocked this long ago in Chrome and had forgotten that this could be optional.  When this happens in Edge, you’ll probably find that the autoplay-block option has to be enabled.  Curiously, Microsoft does not display this block option in Settings by default, but the option exists!  We have to enable the option.  Copy the next line into the address bar and press Enter:


Once this flag is enabled, you should see Block on the autoplay options menu.

You will see a list of new options, enable Block.

Then go into Settings, search for Media Autoplay, and set it to Block. Then do Restart of Edge.

How to find (and then delete) large files in your Gmail account

It is easy to forget to delete emails in your Gmail system. When these forgotten emails contain large files, like videos and pictures, lots of space can accumulate. I know I sometimes receive humorous videos from friends that I view and then send to others later. When later goes into the next day, I often forget about the file.

You can easily search for old emails by size and then delete them. If the old large files are important, you should save them to your computer and then back them up in an organized fashion!

To search for Gmail mails by size simply type the following into the search bar and hit enter.

size:20 mb

You can use a different size, of course, but I have found that 20 mb is a reasonable first run. Go ahead, surprise yourself.  Review each large email and delete accordingly.

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