Historic memory vs Human lifespan

I believe that our historic memory is longer than our physical lives and that is what causes many of our continuous wars. We don’t forget because we’ve never learned to forgive in our brief lifetime. We live too short a life. “Forgive so you can forget.”

*The Mongols fought the Chinese back in 1200 AD, but the Chinese still suppress the Hyghurs and the Tibetans who descended from the early Mongols.

*Southeast USA lost the civil war to the Northeast USA back in 1865, yet the South still feel slavery is their civil right.

*The Christians tried to kill off the Muslims during the Crusades back in the 1400s, and are still “anti Islamic”.

*The Pope never defeated the slant eyed Easterners, and so now white Westerners don’t trust the Chinese.

*The Romans couldn’t defeat the “Huns” and so now don’t trust the Russians nor anyone from the “stan” countries.

Face it, we are all in this together, no matter who your ancestors had a fight with. Global Warming will defeat us all if we don’t join hands against this common enemy


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