Silly Calendars

The link below points to a quite complete explanation of our silly calendars. The earth is tilted, spins on it axis, and goes around the sun every so often (about once a year). The trip around the sun is egg shaped (elliptical) which means that we get closer to the sun twice a year and farther away from the sun twice a year. The titled axis phenomena makes the hemispheres receive less or more sunlight (heat) twice a year causing seasons. The spinning causes what we call days.

On this ball that wobbles round and round lives creatures that like to keep track of things. They make lists and predictions and like to keep trains and planes running on schedule. For sure, young versions of these creatures are forced to sit together listening to old versions of these creatures talk when the sun “comes up”.

Sooo, a few of these creatures created calendars and forced the rest of the creatures to abide by their calendar. The problem is that they have not yet figured out how to fit a sliding scale into the discrete counting methods they use (hours, days, weeks, months, years). So they continue to adjust their calendars.

Hence —— the history of the calendar:

Calendars Explained

When will the next adjustment be made? Will you make the adjustment? Will you vote for daylight savings time abolishment? Will you accept the idea of kids being allowed to sleep a bit longer before they have to go to school?

Better yet, will you write the next essay in daylight or nightlight?

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