Climate Crisis: Time to Ration Meat and Flying

The following excerpts are from an article in The Guardian today, written by Sonia Sodha, the chief leader writer at the Observer. Given the seriousness of the Climate Crisis, it is time that we get serious about how we are going to solve the problem. Rationing might seem “over the top” to those who are addicted to the meat of 4 legged animals and flying, but it is time to get serious..

“Rationing to tackle the climate crisis could be given a modern-day makeover. People could be allocated polluting credits to cover activities such as meat eating and flying that they can sell and buy in an online marketplace. If you’re short of cash, or not that bothered about eating meat or flying abroad, you can feel smug as you sell your credits to someone who is, which makes this far more equitable than green taxes. And setting a population-level limit on something such as meat consumption would create huge incentives for companies to invest more in the production of things such as environmentally friendly, lab-grown meat.”


“A decade on, it’s surely an idea whose time has come. The climate school strikes show the next generation is hungry for more radical action. Sure, the hypocrite-hunters will balk at the prospect of rationing to save the planet. But I’m optimistic that more of us will come to see that it’s going to take something more drastic than trying to persuade people to voluntarily scale back to whip us into shape.”

“A question cannot be answered until it is asked, and once asked, it cannot be unasked.” – Anthony Aguirre

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