Andy Warhol eating a Burger King burger

OK, so I watched some of the Super Bowl commercials.  One of them was Andy Warhol eating a burger.  It was like weird.  And I thought to myself, “isn’t he dead?”.  It was only 45 seconds long.  My curiosity got the best of me and I went searching for information about it.  I finally found a YouTube of the original footage from a 1982 Jørgen Leth documentary.

This movie clip is 4 minutes 27 seconds long.  Be prepared.  It reminds me of two things: one is mindfulness eating! This is how mindfulness eating is done!  Slow, dedicated, relaxed.  The other thing it reminds me of is how wasteful our society really is.  All that paper was just to deliver that itty bitty burger.  And then it was going to be just casually dumped.  At least it is recyclable.

Yes, Andy is dead, he died in Feb 22, 1987, aged 58.  About 32 years ago.

Yes, the internet is full of unusual stuff.  And here is some of it.  At least you can decide to click or not.


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