AI Superpowers is a great read

AI Superpowers is a great book, written by Kai-Fu Lee. I find it more interesting to read this book than to do my FB browsing, email and news gathering combined. aka easy to read, exciting to see where we are going in our future, and amazing. I like science fiction, but this AI is better and it is reality.

Meanwhile, be sure to keep your cell phones charged. Read the book to find out why!

Disruptive shifts in our lives are coming. He estimates that within 15 years, we will be able to automate 40-50% of all jobs in the USA. The final chapters contain a list of societal changes needed to offset the impacts of AI on job destruction.

This paradigm shift will affect all of us, with rising unemployment and widening inequality facing us unless we begin to make changes soon. We need to remember what makes us human and gives life meaning, and it ain’t jobs.

IMHO, we can’t stop what’s already begun. But we can begin to work towards a symbiotic solution. Quoting Lee: “If we believe that life has meaning beyond this material rat race, then AI just might be the tool that can help us uncover that deeper meaning.” Big government is part of the solution. Military domination is not. We need to reward socially productive activities. Remember “social investment stipends”.

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