Good Movies

In the days of old, I used to keep track of movies my wife and I watched. We would rate them and I built an Access database to keep track of them. That was back when you rented movies on CD — sometimes we would forget and rent the same movie over, so I wanted to help us keep track. But then Netflix hit and the CD stores moved away and I stopped updating the database. I do have some all-time favorites. The list below is just for fun, it is not necessarily a recommendation, it is more a sign of my OCPDness 🙂 I have purchased the CD version of some of these just to force someone to decide what to do with them when I die!

• 10,000 BC
• 2001 A Space Odyssey
• Absolute Power
• Close Encounters of the Third Kind
• Contact
• Ex Machina
• Meet Joe Black
• Melancholia
• Taken
• The Circle
• The Day the Earth Stood Still
• The Gods Must Be Crazy
• What The Bleep Do We Know
• Where To Invade Next (Michael Moore)

I went back and reviewed my Access database before writing this and must admit that lists of “favorites” are based on date. New things appear and old things loose their impact by sinking in memory. But if you never make a list of favorites, no one would know you cared! Remind me to add to this list next year!

“Every story ever told really happened. Stories are where memories go when they’re forgotten.” – Dr. Who

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