Magic Braids

My great uncle Andrew Robeson (b. 7/24/1891 d. 4/17/1964) made leather billfolds and key holders as a hobby. When he died, I was given sheets and sheets of colorful leathers, which of course, I didn’t know how to use. Eventually I threw it all away – mildew had begun to grow.  I wish I had all that leather now! We could make things like this.mystery-braid

These are called “mystery braids” or “magic braids”. These YouTube movies show how to do this braid and make some bracelets. Just be careful when you use the knife!

This is the basic method. (4:27) here

This shows how to measure the leather and add the snaps!! This flick is probably the best of the group. (7:08) here

Martha Stewart style with a string to tie it off (2:14) here

The simple method. (1:45) here

An old guy shows how too. But by this time, you probably don’t need this! (5:31) here

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