For memory sake:

In 2013, Amazon bought and then killed the free IOS app book reader called STANZA. If you had installed it before it disappeared, you can still use it. I am on IOS 8.4 and it still works fine. If you have it, be sure to use the catalog called TUEBL.

To add the Tuebl library to Stanza do this:

Open Stanza
Click on Get Books in lower toolbar.
Click the + symbol in the upper right corner or Edit if you already have a catalog.
Click “add a book source”.
Name ==> Tuebl
URL ==> http://tuebl.ca/search
Make sure OPDS Catalog is highlighted
Click Save and then Click Done

To get a book from Tuebl, click on it, then work your way through the catalog.

Perhaps the Tuebl catalog can be added to other book readers.

I’m using currently iBooks, Kindle, Play Books and Stanza.

And if you just want to see the Tuebl book library without Stanza, go to http://tuebl.ca

Ps. Tuebl stands for The Ultimate EBook Library 🙂

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