There’s a certain elegance in the colors of fall,
A breath of joy in the cold, dry wind.

Watching children fly about on the first day of school,
Whether you’re with them or not it’s enough to make you grin.

Apple cider’s on the stove,
Chestnuts on your open fire.

Fall is here and so are you,
So cheers to happiness!

You start feeling sentimental,
Thinking of seasons past…..
But memories are made of this,
So enjoy it while it lasts.

All the geese are flying south,
Whether south is here or there.
Apples in the orchards falling down,
down, down, down.

Make it last forever more,
Or at least ’till seasons end.

Happily we walk, crunching leaves where the sidewalk ends.
Don your hat and grab your scarves
As the wind blows forever on!

by J-me
March 2015 

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