Monterey Chapter of Climate Change Lobby meets March 31

Last month, the first meeting of a newly formed Monterey chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) was held in Monterey, CA.. The first meeting was just to get the ball rolling, to find out if there was enough interest to move forward, etc. It was a success with over 30 people attending.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. Carbon Fee and Dividend is the policy proposal created by Citizens Climate Lobby to internalize the costs of burning carbon-based fuels.

CCL provides a path through which ordinary citizens who want to do more to solve the climate problem than just clicking online petitions can become involved. The group doesn’t require any special skills, just a desire to try and help grease the wheels for climate policy in the USA and Canada.

If you weren’t able to attend our inaugural meeting and are still interested in joining our chapter, please plan to attend our first chapter meeting on Tuesday March 31 at 6:00 pm at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the Guide Lounge.

The Guide Lounge is across the street from the Aquarium in the building next to the drop-off area for tour buses, on the first floor beyond the front desk. Someone will be there to let you in. Feel free to bring something to eat and drink. Hope you can join us.

For more information about CCL in general, go here:

I enjoyed this post by Carla Wise in “High Country News” about her CCL chapter:


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