Re-imagine Safety

The term Defund Police seems to upset some people. I heard a member of the Minneapolis City Council use a less confusing term to describe what they really mean. She called it Re-imagine Safety.

Start using this new term and see stress levels reduce.

How Can You Help?

With all the recent news of the Coronavirus, police brutality, and the growing effects of climate change, it’s easy to feel hopeless. And yet again, the question of what each individual person can do to help is raised. 

    If you’ve been keeping up with recent environmental news, you may have heard of the Sunrise Movement (website linked below). The organization was built upon stopping climate change while creating millions of jobs in the process, and has worked nonstop to fight for the Green New Deal. Currently, Sunrise is hosting Phonebanking sessions to elect what the organization likes to call “Green New Deal Champions”. These selected individuals (Andrew Romanoff, Charles Booker, and Jamaal Bowman) have been supported by Sunrise primarily because of their supportive views of the Green New Deal. If you are interested in phonebanking with Sunrise, check out the links below! The Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strikes Team is hosting a 30 minute hype call on 6/2 @3:00pm prior to the Sunrise Phonebanking session for Charles Booker. Training will be included and this is a perfect opportunity to start phonebanking for GND Champions!

Register to attend here:

Sunrise Website:

    Another way to help combat climate change is to inform yourself! The Silicon Valley Climate Action Team is hosting a virtual Climate Speaker Series starting today, 5/30! Speakers include Rod Diridon, Dan Jacobson, Ro Khanna, and more! The zoom link will be included once you register here:

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Please continue funding the WHO

It is time to speak up folks. Get on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, wherever you hang out and make our leaders hear us. Our lives are at stake. Here is an example you can copy:

Please create an emergency bill to continue funding the WHO World Health Organization. The is the middle of a world pandemic, for crying out loud. @SpeakerPelosi @RepJimmyPanetta