Rainy day wonders

Sandy says some people don’t know how to go thru turnstile doors in the aquarium.

How did you learn to navigate them?  

What did Vincent Van Gogh do during a storm? 

Do they have atmospheric rivers in Iowa?

Do you remember your first elevator ride?  How do we learn to turn towards the door in an elevator?

Which way did you face in the first elevator that you rode in that had two doors?

The guy on TV talked about giving your kids lifetime memories by taking them fishing.  Humph, I don’t remember catching my first fish.

I do remember my first McDonalds burger!

One thought on “Rainy day wonders

  1.    Rainy – does that mean you got rain today? Here there were thunderstorms plus rain. Is the MBA open now – with or without masks? Also, on Halloween Day will a Halloween mask be wearable or does it have to be the kind that goes along w/Covid protocol? So there are doors that go round and round at the aquarium? Been very long since I’ve been there, don’t remember. James does like the restaurant in there, always points it out. Wants to get food and drink before leaving. He likes it, he likes it……I remember Bishop’s Cafeteria in W’loo, Black’s Tea Room, the Root Beer Stand, Dairy Queen, and Maidrite. I think I’ll have a bowl of vanilla ice cream right now..😊 You were on a roll w/this blog. It will have to be continued…..Did Sandy and you have fun coming up with all that “stuff?” If only you hadn’t mentioned Biden and Manchin – now my stomachache is coming back. 😒

    Joyce K. Morrissey



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